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About Us: (NYF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to helping young men under the age of 25 to become responsible parents to their children through community outreach and education.   Our dedicated team is comprised of education, business, technology, and media professionals that are passionate about helping young fathers overcome their challenges.  In fact, many members of our team have shared the same experience of becoming a father at a young age and overcoming the challenges of fatherhood.   

In addition to providing our interactive website and informational 
DVDs /literature on an international level, we also provide practical educational workshops that educate young men in subjects of parenting skills, responsible behavior, relationships, child support, visitation, family budgeting, job training, fatherhood after incarceration, anger management, and much more.  NYF conducts these workshops throughout the State of Michigan and  Florida with plans to eventually offer them in every state. 
In order to reach and help as many young men as we can, NYF works with schools, community centers, friend of the courts, child support agencies, juvenile programs, and other community agencies/organizations.  If you’re interested in sponsoring NYF to conduct workshops or speaking engagements for your organization then please contact us at 313-288-0537, or by email at

Rahman M. Shareef, MBA
Director of Public Relations


Young Fathers Code:

  • I am proud to be a father.
  • I will take full responsibility in my role as a father and teach my children about life.
  • I am ever evolving to be a better mental, physical, and emotional supporter of my children.
  • I will do all that I can to instill confidence in my children so they can become productive citizens.
  • I will tell my children I love them from my mouth and show my children I love them from my actions.
  • I will raise my children to respect their mother even if I am no longer involved in a relationship with their mother.
  • I will use all of my mental and physical energy to provide a good life for my children.
  • I will expose my children to new and challenging tasks.
  • I will never abandon my children.
  • I will never sexually or physically abuse any child. Theme
What we do
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