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On the Move

Fun at the Future Fathers Program

Essid Couvillion speaks with the great Andrew Young

Our National Director speaks to a group of Young Men about Respect for Authority and
Responsible behavior!

Our "Future Fathers" program has kicked off in Miami Florida! , Steven Dandridge, provides our resources to the community at back to school back pack give away.

Leon Reed Jr. serves the community at a recent event in Detroit.

 Director of Public Relations and National Director interviewed on Equity = Equals program on the Michigan Network.

The First
Beat Peddlers
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A New Identity for Young men,Teen fathers and Young FathersResponsible, Dedicated, and Hardworking!!
Our Mission is to empower young men under the age of 25 to become responsible fathers through ongoing that provides support, that offer , life skills, and guidance. Our goal is to guide and motivate young fathers to raise children that are respectful, creative productive citizens.
Our Advice for Young Fathers page gives Young Fathers advice twenty four hours a day!
Our Educational DVDs are designed to
help Young men with issues such as: ,
adjusting to life as a new father, setting
priorities to have the necessities to care
for your children,handling baby mama drama, and living up to your potential!
Our Handbooks are a quick reference
guide for Young Fathers. It explains the
responsibilities of , what you
should do if you and the mother of your
children are no longer together, what you
should do if you get a new woman in your
life, what you should do if the mother of your
children gets a new man in her life, coping with
the stresses of fatherhood, and enjoying your children.
We offer research based On-site that give
Young men the opportunity to interact
with Our Team, while receiving a practical
education in a setting conducive to their development.
A selection of include:
  • Real Talk: Part 1 and 2
  • Future Fathers
  • Choppin it up: Advice from your !!
  • Respect for authority and responsible behavior
  • and responsible behavior: Five part program
  • Young fathers and responsible behavior
  • Strong fathers aren’t just wanted they are needed: workshop covering topics such as how to , dealing with baby mama drama, personal and household finance, family planning, quality time what does it include, etc.
If you are a Young Father or Teen Father, welcome!  If you know a Young man, who may benefit from the services we provide please refer him to  Ultimately, through our Advice for Young Fathers page,  offering quick-reference Handbooks, Educational DVDs and research based on-site , we will help all young men become responsible fathers.

Our Team

 ____________________________________________________________ is a non-profit that provides services to young fathers that help them raise their children to become productive citizens.
Sponsors needed for all events that will help young men become responsible fathers!!  For information on how to become a sponsor please click here, or call us at (313) 288-0537.
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